Need some guidance on how to create an online course? We got you!


All The Tools You Need to Start Building a Successful Online Course

Course Design

Janice guides you through proven curriculum design strategies to get the most of your course plan

Video Production

Janice provides an overview of all the factors to consider when crafting video to go with your online course

Find Your Next Steps

After you take this class, you'll have a full list of actionable next steps to get your online course off the ground



Meet your instructor, Janice Smith.

With an extensive background in education, a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and over a decade's worth of video production experience, Janice is well-equipped to help turn your unique knowledge into a thriving online course. 

"Very fast-paced and informative workshop on organizing an informative course geared toward turning a profit. I like having the video recording - I watched and paused a lot and it took about 2-2.5 hours to review, rewind, take notes, screen shots and revisit the amount of information."

Workshop Participant

Online Courses 101

A take-at-your-own-pace, full overview of everything that goes into a successful online course.
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